No one wants to walk into a friend's home and see the exact same artwork they have hanging on the walls. You want your space to be special, unique—totally YOU—not cookie-cutter or like someone else's. 

That's where buying Lisa Nance Art comes in. My art is unlike any other artwork you've ever seen. You can't buy it in a big-box home or hobby store. When you purchase a piece of Lisa Nance Art you won't see it in anyone else's home and it will help you create a truly unique pace that IS totally YOU.


Each piece starts with me choosing from hundreds of images I have cut from vintage magazines or books. I pair an image with ephemera, recycled everyday papers, or printed or solid paper for a purely one-of-a-kind image that tells a story. The magic happens when you look at it and start seeing the story within that it's telling only you. Everyone comes away with a different interpretation and different connection to the piece! 

Whether you buy it for yourself or someone else, everyone deserves art that lifts them up.