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I’m not entirely sure why some things just beg me to paint them and others don’t. Usually I see something that strikes an emotional chord on a deep level within me and I just know I have to paint it. Sometimes it’s the way the colors play against each other, or it’s a moment I want to record.


Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. Seashells, feathers, and bird’s eggs are some of my favorite still life subjects, while I also love to paint trees, the sea, and the mountains. In my portraiture, I’m inspired by sweet moments, such as capturing the look of anticipation and nervousness of a little girl about to perform in her first ballet recital or the quiet moment of a new dad holding his baby daughter.


One consistent element in my process is that color usually draws me to a particular subject first. Deep shadows or the juxtaposition of complementary colors always catch my attention and make me want to capture what I’m seeing. Most of the time I have no plan, I just discover the next painting based on what I see.


Ultimately for me the joy of painting is in the doing. Being able to immerse myself in the act of painting has been a lifesaver and a life surge for me—helping me discover my true inner self while examining the world outside myself.




Coursework in the AFA Program at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

Frances Hartfield Atelier, live model portraiture

Watercolor classes with Shirley Story

Urban sketching workshops through SketchbookSkool.com


Juried Exhibitions/Competitions

2018 14th Annual Members-Only Competition - The Portrait Society of America, 7th out of 1,249 in the Noncommissioned Work Category

2014 Black & White Competition - Art Center Manatee, Bradenton, FL

2012 Visual Artist Competition - Full Circle Arts, Hickory, NC

2012 Caldwell Visual Artist Annual Competition - Caldwell County Arts Council, Lenoir, NC

2011 Caldwell Visual Artist Annual Competition - Caldwell County Arts Council, Lenoir, NC

2010 Caldwell Visual Artist Annual Competition - Caldwell County Arts Council, Lenoir, NC



2013 Somerset Studio Magazine - Call for Submissions


Private Collections

Rebecca Person, North Carolina

Mary Lou Reynolds, North Carolina

Jean Paul & Ann Richter, North Carolina

David & Jennifer Walker, Florida

Butler Stiles, North Carolina

Herb & Rik Stiles, North Carolina

Elaine D’Amato, Virginia

Andrew & Andrea Stiles, Virginia

Marson & Cheyenne Nance, Arkansas

Annie Shatley, California

Frances Foxworth, Nevada

Mackenzie Bruckner, North Carolina

Roger & Cristi Bost, North Carolina

Connie Lavorse, North Carolina

Private Collector, Arkansas

Private Collector, Arkansas

Private Collector, Arkansas




The Portrait Society of America


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