61-Day Challenge

I have a friend who is turning 57 in 57 days. To commemorate this event, he has decided to challenge himself to go to the gym and workout for 57 consecutive days, culminating on his 57th birthday. I love synchronicities, so his challenge really intrigued me.  I decided to do a similar challenge.

On December 21, 2018, I will be 61 days away from my 61st birthday. My challenge is to do a painting each day of that 61-day period. Hopefully, I’ll celebrate my 61st birthday with a collection of 61 paintings!

Now, I don’t know how great these paintings will be, but I do know that when I paint or draw every day, my artwork improves. It’s a good discipline to get into, although not as easy as it sounds. I have tried different challenges similar to this before and I’m usually good for about a week, maybe two. This is going to be the biggest challenge I’ve tried so far and to ensure I do it I’ve enlisted the help of the friend doing his own 57-day challenge as well as the intention to blog about the challenge and post pictures of the paintings here on the website and on Instagram. If that’s not accountability, I don’t know what is!

Going into this, I think the biggest obstacle I’m going to face is time. Like a lot of others I work a 9 to 5 job, with a 40-minute commute to and from work. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for painting. I’m already planning on ways to overcome this: making a list of possible subjects, gathering small canvases , rethinking how I’ll spend my lunch hour.  I have also decided that any and all paintings will count, including those I do in my sketchbook.

Stay tuned…